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Why shouldn't we support 0bama's amnesty even if it makes poor Americans & their kids suffer?

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    Here is a summary of anti-amnesty arguments:

    The economic argument:

    The immediate impact of having more legalized residents could drain the nation’s resources. Conservatives on the Senate budget panel argued that the newly legal individuals will use up costly federal benefits; others say that even with wage protections negotiated by unions, temporary immigrant labor will lower wages for American workers and will keep those currently unemployed or underemployed unable to succeed in the job market.

    The Rule of Law argument:

    Those who have entered the country illegally have broken the law and should not be rewarded for their actions with a path to citizenship. These individuals should return to their home country and apply for a visa through existing channels. Furthermore, a path to legalization will incentivize more illegal immigration to the country. The 1986 bill, backed by President Ronald Reagan, offered amnesty for immigrants who entered the country before 1982. Despite promises of tough enforcement measures, that bill is now viewed as a failure that prompted a wave of fraud and a surge of illegal immigration.

    The political argument:

    If immigration reform passes, the majority of the votes against it will still be from Republicans, making Latino voters no more likely to embrace conservative candidates. New immigrants are naturally ideologically aligned with liberals; more legalization just means more votes for Democrats in future elections.

    The process argument:

    Some Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee, led by Republican Jeff Sessions of Alabama, have needled Democratic Chairman Patrick Leahy of Vermont for failing to schedule sufficient hearings on the matter. (Republican Florida Sen. Marco Rubio did the same, leading Leahy to lengthen the process during which the panel will consider the bill, but Sessions says the current plan is still not thorough enough.) Opponents of reform, often citing Obama’s lengthy health-care bill, say that insufficient review of the legislation could be disastrous and that “months” of consideration will be needed. They will also fight for amendments to the bill, which Leahy has assured will be allowed but may face nearly united opposition from the bill’s proponents.

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    False premise. You have presented nothing to show that immigration reform will make ANYONE suffer.

    Try again...

    Millions received amnesty in the 1980s. How did that cause 'suffering'?

  • meg
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    8 years ago

    The negative effect of illegals on wages and working conditions will exist as long as they are here and will probably be less if the become citizens. Making life more miserable for them will not make my life better and it is a fantasy that not passing the law will make them all disappear.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Because making the majority suffer for the minority is the "right thing to do".

    Liberals already proved that when they supported Obamacare.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Its sickening how politicians on both sides are falling all over themselves trying to sell us out by kissing the Hispanics butts and welcoming illegals

  • Hannah
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    8 years ago

    Because it doesn't.

    The immigrants will will generate more economic gains than they will get in benefits.

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