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Why can't I change my avatar photo and username?

If I go to anyone else's 'profile'... it shows their avatar photo and username which they will be able to change if they want to.

When I go into MY profile... this is what I get...


This is the central place to manage your Yahoo! identity and social connections.

It's impossible to change my avatar photo or username on there... is it just me or has anyone else got the same problem?

I used to have a photo and username... but many months ago both disappeared and I'm left with this silhouette and '?' .

Can anyone help?

I've asked Y!A but received no reply.


Y!A have replied and think there's a problem with my 'Global Y ' account..... They've given me a link to try to open.... I'll try later on.

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    There does seem to be a problem with your Yahoo profile link which is where you need to get to change / add an avatar.

    This has been an issue with a few other users too.

    The thing you can do is ask for help on the Suggestion board and someone there may be able to help or Staff may reply.

    You say you have asked asked Y!A and wondering if you emailed the team, if not try them. ..missing "e" in answers is correct

    This is what i get for your Yahoo Profile link...................) { docWin.on("scroll", function() { var top = this.get("scrollTop"); if (top === 0) { univHead.removeClass("yog-hd-border") } else { univHead.addClass("yog-hd-border") } }) ; } var skip_link ='#skip_to_profile'), profile_menu_link ='#profile_menu_link'); skip_link.on('click', function () { profile_menu_link.focus(); }); Profile.common.MessageBar.init({ elements: { messages :'#messages'), voiceMessages:'#voiceMessages') }, defaultErrorString: 'This action could not be completed because we are currently under maintenance.

    Sorry for the inconvenience. Please try again later.', messagesTpl:'#tpl_messages').getContent() }); var mobile ='only screen and (max-width: 480px)'); if( ! mobile ) { var tooltip = new Profile.ui.Tooltip({ selector: '.menu_link' }); tooltip.init(); } /* Profile.Y.use should not be used outsite app.js */ /* However this is a WIP fix for working in IEs in when we have a window resize event dependency */ Profile.Y.use('event-resize', function(){ var device = new Profile.common.Device({ elements : { html :'html'), window :'window') }, modernizr : Modernizr }); device.init(); }); };

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    Possibly a glitch or not uploading properly.Try this. Choose either a cartoon or a photo avatar

    The Yahoo avatars page is no longer available but you can do this:

    Create a personal avatar below not a moving or large one, right click and save it to you pc then follow the upload directions below..

    Photo or avatar upload Follow these directions.

    Click your current avatar then click view profile or go to ,

    click your current avatar , click change picture in the centre, click the upward arrow on left, "edit my public profile" browse and select the avatar or pic you want from your pc, follow the prompts.

    Change name. Click your avatar, click Edit My Preferences, click Change name, Make the change. Click submit. It could take a while to take effect.

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