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Marvin asked in SportsFootball (American) · 7 years ago

Tips for playing Quarterback?

I want to go back to minor league football except instead of playing DB, I want to play QB. I've always wanted to be a true Quarterback but because of my speed I was always lined up at cornerback. I'm 23 years old standing 5'8" 225 lbs. I have a great throwing arm and I'm never fatigue. I'm right handed and I can throw on the run. Do you guys have any good drills or tips for me to pursue while playing QB on the minor league level?

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  • 7 years ago
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    I would try and find a team who runs the Spread offense or West Coast..something you can roll out and pass from outside the pocket. I'm short, 5'9 and 190 and I played QB in high school (i'm in college now) and we ran a spread offense which makes it easier to see down the field with lineman being so tall. if you have no problem seeing over the lineman than disregard all of that haha.

    as for drills,

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    there are a ton I know but its a lot in words so I'll do my best

    if you can find a pylon or something of similar size, lie it down on the field. practice stepping over it back and fourth facing the pylon and side shuffling over it.

    so - pylon is on the ground, step over with right foot, then left foot, and then step back over it with the right foot and then the left and go back and forth as fast as you can.

    if you have a partner you can have him throw his hands up for you in the middle of the drill to practice quick release while moving.

    another drill, if you have a partner. put a cone down and step out maybe 10-15 yards and have your partner do the same, but opposite of you. jog in a circle clock wise and throw the ball to each other without stopping. when ready, turn and go counter clock wise. basically, form a circle of the preferred diameter between you can your just throwing on the run pretty much.

    last drill so you can stop reading haha.

    get cones or the Oklahoma drill pads.

    for easy description, put a cone on the goal line and another cone directly in front of it on the 5 yard line. then do the same thing 2 or 3 yards over. so if this "o" was a cone it would look like this

    o o o o o

    o o o o o and you would start at cone one (bottom row, left, or right) and shuffle

    up to cone 2, side shuffle to cone 3 and drop back to cone 4 and repeat across. when you step up to the last cone throw the ball to your partner. hoped I helped.

    Source(s): Played QB in high school and had a lot of coaches teach me different drills
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  • Maria
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    the best thing is to do is to watch the Safety sometime, if they come forward quickly and you don't snap it, its a blitz, so change the play when you can. If they are in a zone coverage go for your third WR. if its a man to man coverage 2nd would be the best and first would be the best as well. Make sure that you have good ball handling if you are going to run. practice pitches with your RBs, practice deep pass and see how far you can throw and what is your limits

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  • 7 years ago

    Throw through tires for accuracy.

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