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Top Fashion Question! Please help me! Experts please!?

Do you think I would be able to model for like Chanel , Versace , Bulgari, and other high fashion brands?

I am 5'10'' and i am currently a size 10 im going on a lifestyle change and plan to be a size 4 the healthy way.

Here are my pictures:

Do you think I can do high fashion??

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    You got 10,000 to one chance.

    Modeling is not just the pretty face or the height. Back in the 90s, models looked like women and not 12 year old boys, and this is now 2013 . . . . fashion industry can be difficult for young women to deal with, today, this is 2013.

    Everyone can be a model. Look @ Coco now, (Coco married Ice T), she was 5'2" and 100lbs. Brooke Burke Charvet is only 5'7". Mila Kunis is the newest face for Christian Dior and Gemfields, she's 5'4"

    That depends what you're modeling. Linda Gray was a model, that became famous as legs model - The Graduate poster in 1967 and L'eggs commercials a $25 job.

    Look like one, dress like one, walk like one. An example for a Nike model: 5'7-5'9" height, waist 29-30", bust 35"-36 1/2", hip 38"-39", B or C cup, trim, athletic, & lean. Ages must be between 18-28. Pay? $

    Check out America's Next Top Model, or SCOUTED so you can understand what goes on behind the modeling business. They own you top to bottom. Meaning, no if's, and's or but's. It's a very demanding career, and if you can handle stress and ready to give them 120% then you're IN. As any model candidate, would you be willing to give up your long beautiful hair, to look like Emma or Ashlee Simpson? Yes, that means, you'll be willing to give up ANYTHING to your image, to get to the top! Cindy Crawford's daughter, who was 10, asked by the Versace people for her to do advertisement in January, but she was not their priority, she actually had to wait for 4 hours for her photo shoot - like everyone else!

    There were 10,000 hopeful models for Victoria's Secret in Dec. fashion show also. Out of those, 5 were chosen as finalists, and only one was chosen as the winner. Check it out. It's not just a pretty face. It takes a certain walk, attitude, confidence & can stand the stress. Some models were discovered walking home from a vacation at the airport, sitting in restaurants with their family, or walking in the malls. Natalie Portman was discovered by a modeling agent at a pizza parlor, but she'd rather be an actress. Height 5' 3"

    In Vogue UK, now hires 13-14 year old models. But there's a documentary "Girl Model" too young, too thin on Vogue models, shown at SXSW and the Toronto International Film festival, highlights the search and scouting of young girls in the modeling industry. Teen models have no clue what they're getting themselves into. They're naive. They get free food, free alcohol, they are forced into prostitution, too many abuses, sexual, physical, emotional you just can't believe.

    Watch "Girl Model"

    If you're a model, and are shipped to Japan, would you be able to understand Japanese, to sign the contract? One model in Japan, gained 2", was sent home. "the modeling business is corrupt.'

    They also took a bunch of her photos, and she never got paid, nor did she ever saw them! She had to borrow money to support herself, pay rent, food, to survive!

    Google: Models are eating tissues to stay thin - ex-Vogue Editor - a good read.

    Read what one model says about his hair: "I work as a model and went through a period of work where my hair was constantly straightened for photoshoots and shows; after about two or three weeks of having my hair straightened almost every day my hair has evidently become so damaged that it's stopped curling about two inches from my scalp. The roots of my hair still curl, everything below that hangs limp and straight and dead. I've never heard of this happening to anyone else, nor has anyone else I've spoken to including numerous hair dressers."

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    Uh, It doesnt sound like a totaly sturdy theory, yet you're on the best music with layering. attempt like a short sleeve white shirt, and a black vest over it, that could desire to look beautiful.

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