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Giving my puppy his shots for the first time at 1 years old.?

I adopted a puppy from a home who could not properly take care of their dog. They told me they have not given him any vaccines and he is 1 years old now. I bought 2 of the univac 5 packages which includes: canine distemper and parainfluenza-parvovirus vaccine. do I need anything further other than the rabies shot? And when do I give the second vaccine if necessary... Thank you.

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    It would be a good idea to take him to a vet at least once. The vet may spot something that has not yet become obvious to everybody.

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    We give the distemper combination --distemper, hepatitis, parvo, para influenza. We also add the leptospirosis (this disease is spread through the urine of wildlife) because we live in an area with lots of wildlife. You would give one vaccine and follow it in 3 weeks with a booster. After that it's given yearly.

    Yes, your dog needs a good physical exam, along with the Rabies vaccine. Your vet needs to take a stool sample (you should bring that with you) to look for intestinal parasites. At one year of age, your dog really needs a heartworm test. Heartworms are in all 5o states. Are you in the US? You need to get your dog on heartworm prevention every 30 days for life. Repeat the heartworm test in 6 months, because a test done today would only screen for 6 months ago and prior to that. If this dog got heartworms within the last 6 months, the test wouldn't find them yet. That's why you repeat the test for a dog that has never been on the meds.

    I wish I could convince you to just let a vet do all of it. For the shots you bought, you would probably save maybe about $15 off your visit.

    Make sure those vaccines are not outdated. Also make sure they have been stored at the proper temperature.

    Some vaccines are more likely to cause reaction. Give your dog's shot (if you must) in the morning so that if there is a reaction you can get him to a vet for emergency help.

    Watch for swelling snout, hives, itchiness, vomiting, diarrhea, and even collapse. Vaccine reactions could happen 7 hours after the shots are given. If your dog were to throw up and go over on his side, that's a dire emergency.

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    You should not acquire a dog w/o having it checked out by a vet. You do NOT KNOW if the dog is indeed healthy. It may have worms, heartworms, a heart murmur, etc. etc.

    IMO since you do NOT know WHAT you are doing (do not understand boosters, titers, etc.) and CANNOT legally give the rabies, all the vaccines should be administered by a vet. What if your vaccine did not remained 100% CHILLED during the entire shipment or are you buying cr#p from a feed store? Did you check the efficacy dates on them?

    What if you dog has a vaccine REACTION? (Bet you won't be able to handle THAT one.) And reactions do happen, esp if you are using poor quality, or third-world manufactured vaccines.

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    Dont get your dogs shots, did they 100 years ago? no, and they were fine, and so will yours be

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