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Bought a new car and crashed it on the way home from the dealer. It sucks I know. Insurence question below?

I am insured on my old car and have liberty mutual. Since I clipped a guard rail it was my fault however will my insurence cover the car that I just crashed?

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    Don't worry. Just call your insurance company. You new car are covered and will be having same coverage as you old car in the exiting policy. I'm insured with AAA and it always cover on a new car that I bought.

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    As long as you had full coverage on the car you traded in, then you should be covered on the new car. It's usually an automatic thing on a trade of vehicles.

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    If you have collision coverage it should. If you only had liability coverage on your old car, then you are SOL.

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    Did you inform your insurance agent you were purchasing the new vehicle? Unless they had prior knowledge of the purchase before driving the vehicle off the dealership lot you more than likely will have difficulties filing a claim. Contact your agent immediately.

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