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What do you think Will and Kate will name the Royal Baby?

With less than 4 weeks until the baby is due, I thought of setting up a few bets with my family as to the name. I've narrowed down my list to 6 names for each sex, with a few extras on the side:

Girls: Alice, Sophie/Sophia, Charlotte

(maybe Eva, just cos I love the name, possibly Frances, Grace, Victoria or Alexandra)

Boys: James, George, Louis (possibly Arthur or Philip, due to the family links)

Alice because of Prince Phillip's mother, Sophie/Sophia because it's a high-class name, and Charlotte because I think Will and Kate are quite modern yet timeless, and this name would be perfect. Many people think Diana. I disagree, it will be a middle name most probably.

James because of it's direct royal links, George likewise, and Louis because of William's middle name.

So, after that ramble, what do you think the royal couple's new arrival will be named? Give your top 3 with reasoning if you want. :D

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    Well, the Queen has to approve the name, so it will be something traditional. I don't think they will choose a first name that belongs to a living member of the British royal family, except for the Queen, so for that reason, Sophie/Sophia is probably out, as is James. They are the names of Prince Edward's wife and son.

    I, too, think Diana will be one of the middle names.

    I wish they'd choose Robert or Alexander for a boy (to make a nod to the Scottish heritage), and Eleanor or Alice for a girl. However, I think they will go with George or Elizabeth for obvious reasons.

    Edit: Ellie Evans-Thyme, they won't pick Richard, not only because of the history -- two deposed kings -- but also because the Queen's first cousin, the Duke of Gloucester, is Prince Richard.

    Victoria would be nice, but the future queen regnant of Sweden is named Victoria. She's much older than this baby will be, of course, but there could be two queens regnant named Victoria in Europe at some point, and that could be an issue.

    Then again, the future queen regnant of Belgium is named Elisabeth. There really is a limited number of traditional royal names.

    Edit: Georgia, both Alice and Charlotte have been names of British family members. Alice was the name of Prince Phillip's mother, who was a cousin of the British royals, and one of Queen Victoria's daughters was an Alice, as was one of her granddaughters. The queen consort of King George III was a Charlotte.

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    Apparently, Royal Tradition dictates that baby boys are given 4 names whilst girls are given 3. Bearing this in mind, I think the baby will be called either George Henry Philip Michael or Elizabeth Diana Carol. However, I feel like whilst it would be nice to give the girl baby her grandmother's name (Carol) as a middle name, it really isn't very 'Royal'. I think Victoria, Louise, Philippa and Mary are very strong possibilities for girl names also. I doubt Alexandra will be in the baby's name. I don't understand why it has the best odds with the bookies, the only Alexandra in English history has been the Queen's Great-Grandmother, who was a Danish Princess and one of the Queen's cousins, Princess Alexandra of Kent. It has been a fairly common middle name because of this, but in my opinion is it not a name they will pick. I think the boy baby will definitely have either Michael or James as a middle name, and will have some sort of combination of George, Henry, Philip or Charles for the other 3 names. It's really hard to tell whether Wills and Kate will stick to tradition with names or give the baby something 'new'. That being said, I think it's safe to say that the baby's first name will be a very 'Royal' name. However, it think it's pretty safe to say the name will come from this list: BOY: George, Charles, Henry, James, William, Thomas, Peter, Philip, Michael, John, Stephen, Alexander, Andrew, Albert, Arthur, Edward, Patrick, Richard, Lionel, David, Christian and Robert. GIRL: Elizabeth, Diana, Mary, Carol, Margaret, Philippa, Alexandra, Victoria, Charlotte, Catherine, Helena, Louise, Jane, Anne, Matilda, Patricia, Arabella, Beatrice, Eugene/Eugenie, Sophia, Isabel and Joan. These names cover pretty much ever Royal figure in English and Scottish history.

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    Sophie/Sophia isn't considered a "high class name" don't know where that's come from. And she won't be called that as Prince Edward's wife is Sophie.

    It also won't be James as Edward's son is named that.

    George is likely, or Albert after Queenie's dad, George has always been the most popular King's name. But a little bit plain for Kate and Will I think. Louis is massively common, doubt they'll pick that.

    I like Alice or Charlotte but I'm not sure they'll be regal enough.

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    Boy : Phillip Charles William

    Girl : Elizabeth Catherine Diana or Elizabeth Catherine Mary

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    David Charles Philip Rupert.

    Caroline Elizabeth Frances Anne

    All are Royal names except Frances but that was Diana's middle name and I hope and pray they don't call her Diana. Caroline could be shortened to Carol at home for Kate's mum.

    I choose Rupert as a complete outsider but it's different yet still royal. Time we got some different royal names. They could also go for Anna or Anastasia.

  • Arggg
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    5 years ago

    If it's a girl, Elizabeth Diana Victoria Katherine.

  • Anonymous
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    I would put money on a girl having Elizabeth as her first name. A boy is harder to guess - perhaps George or Edward, or possibly even James.

  • Anonymous
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    well it hs to be a traditional name, so probably something like elizabeth, grace or victoria. i think they should name it something different, the royal family always have the same names running throughout the generations, after a while it gets kind of boring. for a girl they should name it aubury, fiona, harriet or mackenzie for a boy they should name it Quentin, harrison, Zachary or louis

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    It'll be traditional like James, George or Charles for a boy, Elizabeth, Anne or Mary for a girl.

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    Rumor has it young Billy Bob Windsor wishes to name the child after his uncle Edward.

    Back door Brenda will be a fine name for our future Queen.

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