How much would it cost to travel Europe?

So I want to travel about 13 places in Europe and am not sure how much it will cost so if someone could give me an estimate on cost or a link that would be great. And if you need more detail um I want to stay in a nice hotel and visit many places. Thanks!!!!!

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  • 7 years ago
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    You want to visit 13 places in Europe and stay in ONE nice hotel?

    Not very realistic.

    To see different places in Europe you need to visit them for more than a few hours, so best stay in a place for a few days.

    Nice hotel means different things for different people and the prices do differ between cities in Europe for the same class hotels. That can be $100 for a night but also $1000, and that is just for the hotel, all other costs will be added.

    To start at the low end, staying in hostels and doing your own cooking you can expect about $US 100 per day, when over 26 and eating out in a modest way, that will be about €100 ($150) per day.

    Add your hotel cost to that, and if the hotel is expensive your food will also cost more, as you are likely to eat part of your meals in your hotel.

    And added to that will come your travel costs, to Europe as well as in Europe.

    If you fly economy from one of the US east coast main airports, think about $US 1000 for your return flight, if you are in a out of the way airport it can be much higher, same for if you want a more luxurious flight.

    And at a guess, $100 or so for each time you want to travel to an other city. Actual cost will be from much lower to twice as much or more.

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    The place are you starting from? Go to any of the airline buying sites, and discover what a ticket is going to fee. Verify the accommodations you believe you might like to stay at (a "reasonably priced" motel can run a couple of hundred bucks a night). Add that each one up. You do not even say how long you intend to journey!!! That's key! How do you propose to journey between cities? Trains? Planes? Do you want to buy a rail move? Don't forget, that doesn't cover the whole thing: You must purchase seat reservations, and quite often surcharges for the extra trendy routes, beds, if you plan to sleep on them...You cannot just fold out the compartment seats, and sleep, six to eight strangers in a compartment anymore! Plan a day for each and every city, just to journey. Finland and UK are going to be more high priced than France and eire, however I think you've got picked 4 of the most steeply-priced international locations in Europe! Most effective you are able to do this... After you have all the greenback figures (i am guessing you are US, given that you recounted "excessive school".), add 20% to cover inflation and foreign money fluctuations. There, you will have an effective inspiration what you need to have. When planning your time, consider, you most of the time must be back for school earlier than the 2d week of August, and you'll must do tons of searching, getting your cloth cabinet and dorm gear prepared. That takes time.

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    80€/night for an acceptable hotel in europe

  • 7 years ago

    about $10'000

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  • If you want to travel within Europe I would purchase a Rail Europe pass. You can then go where ever you want. On my trip I took the train from Geneva had dinner and when finished got off the train and returned home. Also in the train stations they have places to book your hotel and find a reasonable place to stay for the night. If you like the city stay, if not just move on and take the train to your next city.

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    It will cost a lot of money, just to go from here in Glasgow to Aberdeen which is around 250miles it costs around £40 on the bus. To fly from here to Spain will be around £200. To spend a week in a camper-van at our local coast is around £600 so no matter where you go you will need a lot of money and a passport and if outside EU you will need a visa, Good Luck

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    it depends where you want to go and from where you are.... because when I went to Germany, it costs me 300$ fro the flight but it cost me 550$ for a flight to Macedonia...

    Btw don't go to a hotel... go to a house (it's much cheeper and better)

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    Just take the initiative to bring an extra money like $500-$1000 for you to have comfortable room in every places you want to visit...

    I have links here: to choose and to maximize the tours you can do.


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