mission statement for english?

what your mission statement for english?

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    the web page (below) describes: How to Write a Personal Mission Statement


    1 Brainstorm. Try to understand the person you are. Figure out your values and other important aspects of yourself. To get the brainstorm process started, here are s ome questions to ask yourself. While your brainstorm, make lists or write out descriptions.

    What are your values? Do you believe in honesty, justice, kindness, and self-reliance?

    Who has inspired you? Do you want to have qualities similar to those folks? Figure out what those qualities are and list them.

    What big events impacted your life? Reflect on these big moments and the lessons you learned from them.

    What do you love about your life? Your work? Your family, friends, and other relationships?

    When are you at your best? Your worst? What would you like to improve about yourself? What would you like to share with others?

    If you had unlimited resources and unlimited time, what would you choose to do?

    What promises would you make to yourself?

    2 Write your first draft. Let your pen scrawl across the paper without worry for smooth, fancy sentences. Write things that come to mind easily. Check your brainstorm lists as needed.

    Be honest with yourself. The more honest you are with yourself, the stronger and more applicable your statement will be.

    3 Write your second or third drafts as needed. With each draft, become more sophisticated in your writing, style, or craft form.

    4 Sign it. At the bottom, put your signature, draw a picture of your face, kiss it with lipstick--anything to seal the deal.

    5 Mount the statement. Frame it on your wall, bedroom door, refrigerator, office--anywhere that you frequently see. This way, you can constantly be reminded of your values and follow your desired path

    plus a video and more at web page

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