No Doubt fans: What's your favorite album by the band?

Im curious to hear what are the fans favorite albums

I'm a new casual fan to the band No Doubt. I've gotten both their Tragic Kingdom album and their self titled debut. While I like both of them, I think I like their self titled album a little more despite the mixed opinions Iv'e heard about it. I guess it the albums funky and brass driven sound that I like about it. And the fact its one of their most ska influenced album.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    um Most people on yahoo answers might not be familiar with "No Doubt"

    As for your question I'm not sure, I only remember a couple of their songs from the 1990s. I do remember hearing a song from the lead singer a few years ago. I think it was called early winter by Gwen Stefani. But that's all I know about the band.

  • Mario
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    8 years ago

    None cause I don't care about them.

    Source(s): On the bright side I got 2 points.
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