Does this anger you about comic movies?

I just watched "Man of Steel" and love comic films but also grew up on both DC/Marvel comics. My thing is when epic battles happen like in "Man of Steel" with cities are getting trashed I wonder "Where is Batman?Green Lantern? " in Marvel the same aspect I look for other characters so much because that's how comics are. Does this happen to you?

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  • N3
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    8 years ago
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    Every single time...

    I just finished Watching MoS myself and I couldn't help but wonder where the other heroes were,

    I don't understand why Films tend to do that, maybe its an Issue of Licensing or maybe they just don't want other heroes arriving and upstaging the Marquee character.

    Pretty weird IMO.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Often times, the "universe" the movie is set in is void of other heros. Other times, it is excused as the other heros simply are not present at that time.

    Marvel was really the first to start bridging the gap in that regard with their lead-up and eventual movies for the Avengers even though in edited footage, Spider-Man is shown in an X-Men movie.

    Other times, they will tease with certain characters. Consider the Ed Norton "Hulk." Not only were you teased with The Leader but McGee as well.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Maybe Man of Steel is set before the Dark Knight and Green Lantern films?

    I know that Marvel movies often reference each other (In Thor it is implied that Odin hid the Cosmic Cube, which appears in Captain America: the First Avenger etc.)

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