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Was there ever any empirical evidence of corruption in the Nixon v Kennedy election 1962?

I do remember Nixon was horrible with Public Relation and the media found a more extroverted and charming JFK highly favorable going to huge strides protecting his image like a certain someone we have in office now.

Also remember their famous debate everyone listening on radio thought Nixon won, everyone watching TV thought Kennedy won. A lot of case study on the question do looks matter came from that.


I'm sorry 1960 election rather

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    The evidence was available and it came to the Nixon camp. The evidence was in Cook County Illinois - when Nixon received the information he quietly informed his camp to not pursue the matter as a strong United States against a USSR cannot show weakness. He (Nixon) graciously stepped back from it all. Later, JFK would wait to expose the Cuban Missile Crisis as the evidence came out in August of 1962 and not October. The Democrats were losing on all sides of the midterm election in 1962, so the JFK Administration awaited the exposure a mere 3 weeks ahead of the midterm. Nixon would then lose the Gubernatorial race in California as a result as he gave an speech in which he supported the President against the Communists in Cuba (up until this point he was far ahead in the polls against Pat Brown). None of THIS however is ever discussed in the Press - all they ever want us to recall is the "resignation" of Nixon.

    So, if you're looking for more detail on the above it is captured in a book entitled "Going Home To Glory" to a limited degree - there are other sources as well. The evidence Cook County was clear - Nixon took the high road.

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    Nothing major ever surfaced, many accusations.

    Nixon had terrible makeup, he looked unwell. Kennedy looked to be the picture of good health, he was not.

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    There was never any real evidence. There were some places in those days, particularly in Texas and Illinois, where fraud was pretty much routine in every election.

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