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Which of these majors is the one that gives the best job oproritunity?




Environmental engineering

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    7 years ago
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    Employers for the most part don't care what you "major" is they care about job experience. So I would suggest that you choose a major that you are interested and or chose a job/career path that interests you and see what you need that might help you build a good foundation. Any job you get out of college will be entry level and probably not even related to your major, unless you are lucky. So although it is good to have some plans for the future, don't get too far ahead of yourself and cause yourself any unecessary stress and worry.

    In regards to job opportunity, that is a good question considering the 1000's of people out of work who have years of experience in all of those fields and still have a hard time grabbing a job.

    What year of school are you in or have you even started?

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