Keeping informed about an upcoming job interview, I don't think I did anything wrong?

There was this position I was interested in so I sent my resume. The manager had called me and left a voicemail while I was at work. I called her back and she had asked if I could go in a certain day to get interviewed, I wasn't certain yet since I had to work that day. I told her yesterday that I would let her know today since she had told me that the latest would be by today. So I called her cell number and left a voicemail. She hadn't gotten back with me after a few hours and I thought maybe she wanted me to call the business itself while she is there. So then I called and left a message there, so she would know I was interested. She ended up calling me back and left a voicemail again because I was away from my phone. She told me to just text her since we kept ping ponging through calls. She said that specific day wouldn't work since it was filled but the following week would work. I text her back a few minutes later saying "I will have to let you know if it will work when I get my work schedule which I believe will be tomorrow." She texts back "Thanks for letting me know. I think that it's not necessary to proceed onto the interview now."

I don't think I did anything wrong. I had kept her informed on what was going on. What are your thoughts upon this situation?


Ok I need to add. I can't ask for that day off when I had to let my manager know several weeks ahead that I need that day off. Otherwise I would have to switch with someone. I don't know my schedule for the following week until tomorrow.

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    You didn't do anything 100% wrong, but you also didn't handle this as well as you could have. Your behavior made her think - wrong or right - that your current job was more important to you than trying to get a new job with her, and that you considered your time to be more important than hers.

    Neither of those things might have mattered if she was desperate to hire you, or was a more easygoing person. But she's a manager, her time is probably stretched pretty thin, and there are almost certainly other equally qualified people ready to interview for the same job, at the time she wants.

    So what could you have done differently? Well, you could have tried to get a co-worker to cover your hours on the original day she wanted to interview you, so that you wouldn't have had to make her wait and wonder if that day worked. And then the second time, you could have tried harder to find out your work schedule ahead of time, or once again tried to find someone to get your hours.

    Yes, you kept her informed, but that's really only the bare minimum of what you had to do.

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    7 years ago

    You were WRONG. You are looking for a job thus YOU must make concessions. You should have agreed to the interview date and made it your business to schedule that day off.

    With your attitude you will not find a new job.

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