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Does PIA boeing 777 economy has electricity sockets?

I need to know, does PIA(Pakistan International Airlines) has electricity sockets in it? the plane Boeing 777-240 that operates on toronto?

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    I highly doubt it. Pakistan International Airlines's website itself contains no information whatsoever about electric sockets available to its passengers, in either Economy or Business class on whatever aircraft. You could always try contacting them directly over the phone.

    They do, however, have personal entertainment systems on the flight to/from Toronto, with movies, TV programs, audio, and games available in all classes. I was looking at their selection, expecting it to be outdated, but they offer a wide selection of recent Hollywood movies, English and Urdu dramas, Asian cinema, and more.

    Information on their on-board product is on the website listed under Sources. Enjoy your trip!

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    Pia 777 Business Class

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