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What is the value of X? mathematics.? (picture)

The confederation bridge joins new Brunswick and prince Edward island. From a boat in the Northumberland strait, the angle of elevation of the highest point on the bridge is 26.6 when the boat is 100m closer to the bridge , the angle of elevation 71.7 what is the height of the bridge to the nearest tenth of a metre

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    Let the height of the bridge be h

    Let the initial distance between the boat and the bridge

    be x

    tan 26.6° = h/x - i

    tan 71.7° = h/(x-100) - ii

    From i and ii

    x*tan 26.6° = (x-100)*tan 71.7°

    =>0.5x = (x-100)3.023

    =>0.5x = 3.023x - 302.3

    =>2.523x = 302.3

    =>x = 119.817

    =>h = x tan26.6° = 0.5*119.817

    =>h = 59.9 m

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