Why, in many cases but not all, are Democrats & Republicans identified differently?

why do many times democrat politicians lack the (d) after thier name in stories about crime they committed, but republicans almost always have the (r)?

I would like informed, objective responses; do not just smear your emotions as an answer. Go find your "easy YA points" elsewhere!!


Note I am merely asking about the identification of politicians, both Democrat & Republican who have broken the law.

Unless you have a theory on the publication-process of these news stories, I am quite frankly uninterested in your opinion of either party.

Please respect these two guiding words: objective & academic.

I don't care, run a LexusNexus search if you must.

Update 2:

The original query is generally directed at "breaking" news stories. It is difficult to cite a trend I believe I have seen. To my surprise, when attempting to find an article on this very subject, I came up blank. This is why I have turned to a forum where, I still hope, others may disagree or cede my point of view, yet are able to stay on topic without pretence of "knowing" what I believe or how I approach topics.

My best (also quick) attempt to find examples of this would be these two news articles having to do with law-breaking family members. In the former, the connected politician is identified by affiliation, unlike in the latter.

1. http://abcnews.go.com/m/story?id=95609&ref=http%3A...

2. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/06/15/nyregion/espad

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  • 7 years ago
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    I normally hate when people tell me to cite an example but dude, cite an example. I have noticed no such thing so I am inclined to assume this is more a matter of predisposed perceptions that coincide with no reality.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Haven’t seen that before. Are you talking about the news? Wait - I have seen people mislabeled on Fox News. I recall one time, some politician did something bad, and they put a (D) after his name. Like that, you mean?

    10 seconds of research, though, can settle whatever question you have about party affiliation.

    When I mention that David Vitter purchased prostitutes and still serves in Congress, I make sure to put the (R) there because my whole point is that Republicans don’t actually give a rip about family values.

  • dudzik
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    3 years ago

    powerful Rant. a million. Obama is listening to the yank human beings, in basic terms no longer those you sense are suitable. 2. i'd have an interest to work out the way you outline a melancholy, because the inventory marketplace(that you won't be able to accuse him of fudging) has risen about 4,000 factors considering March. Unemployment remains up, yet that's regularly occurring for a recession. contained in the first ten months of 1930, 744 banks failed. contained in the first ten months of 2009, 124 banks collapsed. That, too, is a not uncomplicated and quick decision. 3. I understand you imagine doing belongings you do not accept as true with quantities to leaping off a cliff. this isn't real, so some thing else of your paragraph is incomprehensible. 4. The Democrats' well being care bill has no longer been defeated. The compromise bill between the domicile and Senate hasn't even been finalized. get decrease back to us even as what you're saying has a foundation basically. in case you won't be able to put up the Audi commercial, it might want to correctly be because Audi would not opt for you to. Did that ever take position to you? you're speedy to say that Obama isn't to blame on your job interview, yet you opt for to blame him for a commercial employer no longer desirous to help you complete get suitable of entry to to their product. What angers me isn't the liberty to dissent, notwithstanding the actual indisputable fact that some human beings use that freedom to spout nonsense and assume us all to believe it.

  • Claire
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    7 years ago

    Not true; your hatred of the "liberal media" is causing you to see bias where it does not exist.

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