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How many months or years did nicole polizi (snooki off jersey shore) have an eating disorder for?

admitted to having one in high school when mike called her fat, but how many years, months, did she have it for ? And was it anerexia, bullimia ? And how many kilos did she lose ? Thank you best provided info equals 10 points and please dont send me links to websites about it :)

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    Nicole Polizzi‘s eating disorder revelation took many by the surprise. Nicole Polizzi, also known as Snooki, has recently revealed on the show Jersey Shore that she had an eating disorder in high school. Was she anorexic or bulimic? She did not say, but she did say that she just “would not eat,” which seems to suggest that she was anorexic. During that time, her weight dropped to just 80 pounds. 80 pounds, hmm, does she remind you of anyone?

    “I would only have lunch and, and I would only have salads,” says Snooki. Again, is it just me or does this sound almost exactly as the situation with a certain celebrity stylist? What steps did she take to recover? Unfortunately, Snooki has not revealed a lot of useful information on this subject. “I just had a talk with my family,” says Snooki. Her weight now is around 100 pounds.

    Some experts say that she did not really have an eating disorder, and she was not anorexic. Real anorexics usually need extensive therapy that can last for up to three years. While talking with the family about something like this is obviously important, it is not therapy. My guess is that Snooki probably just went through an unhealthy phase or something. [source: Us Weekly]

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