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What do you think about grade school books saying Islam founded America?

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This video describes what content is in the US grade school text books now a days which has been decided by professors in a number of major Universities in the US as to what goes in these text books and is allowed by the federal department of education.

An increase in a number of major universities in the United States in recent years have excepted millions of dollars from saudi prince Alwaleed bin Talal, in return Islamic studies programs have been set up at these universities to have Professors of Islamic studies to teach at the universities.

Harvard university for one has been the benefactor of $20,000,000 donated to them by saudi prince Alwaleed bin Talal

The books say things about American history like the muslims founded America before Columbus and some of the Native Americans were friendly with them.

American Natives objected to the telling of this kind of distortion of American history.

The teaching of islamic prayers as well are being taught.

A few states have rejected the books.

***Please note: That the teaching of religious proselytizing is unconstitutional breaking the 1st amendment clause that states that congress shall make no law to establish religion. It is well established by landmark court decisions that religious teaching other than historical content is not allowed in public funded schools.

The video goes in to more detail of what else is in these history books.


@Ha Ha Ha, I know that's right. The 6th century is coming to get us...

@Rob I am an atheist & I cannot stand Pat Robertson either. But I thought this was a well balanced news piece.

And trust me I do not watch crack pot CBN. I just came upon this video & thought it had some relevant things to say. Which it does.....

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    The scariest part about that video isn't the video, it's the guy in the top comments.

    @Rob: Good catch.

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    Ok, I stopped at 4 minutes into Pat Robertson's video (CBN "News"). And all I can think is,

    Religion is a nuisance in everything. And these precious Christians don't get teh point for why secularists are working to preserve the 1st Amendment. If Christians got their way, Islam would be in the schools for SURE. Oh, the irony.

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    This is so frightening. I think this is a bigger issue than money. Why are we letting things like this happen? I never thought that America would have to be as fearful as we should be now. Obviously this is kind of an old video, but things just seem to be getting worse. And this isn't hating on Muslims, this is just fact and should be a wake-up call to Americans. Lately I've been studying and as unnerving as some of the things I have learned are, what is more disturbing is the lack of awareness most Americans have. They aren't going to be able to see these horrible things and lies until they come knocking at our doors.

    Thanks for informing me further.

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    the world knows that islam did discover america and neither did columbus. only an ignorant muslim would believe that. but then that means that they would have to change their story that alijah muhammod founded the nation of islam. but what do u expect from a religion who founder was a child molester and a robber and a thief and lets not forget a womanizer. nothing surprises me about that group of murders and liars. and to make a video that states that they discoverred america only support what i said.

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    If it were true, it would be cause for concern. Luckily, the story is complete bullshit. Come on, if there was a shred of truth to this, it would be the lead story on Fox News 24/7. CBNNews? Really? Get the hell out of here.

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    I don't trust CBN as a credible news source.

    Source(s): Being a Christian.
  • Anonymous
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    CBN - "Christian Broadcasting Network" news. Surely you could have found this same material from a news source that doesn't have a vested interest in demonising non-Christians?

  • Sam
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    7 years ago

    Hate is alive and well in America.

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    Another Muslim-hater coming up with an irrational hypothetical reason to justify his hate. Oh well.

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    Don't spread lies.Hate Mongering is a bad business wont make you any profit.

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