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小P asked in 社會與文化語言 · 8 years ago

你好 有一些句子想請大家幫忙翻譯成英文




(請直接翻譯 不要給我網址 謝謝你 因為實在沒時間才這樣 謝謝)

1.玉山位於台灣中部 海拔3952公尺 是台灣第一高峰 也是亞洲第一高峰 設有玉山國家公園 在冬季時也會積雪 風景十分優美

2.這個是太魯閣 位於臺灣東部花蓮縣的太魯閣峽谷,以雄偉壯麗、幾近垂直的大理岩峽谷景觀聞名世界。而且每年十一月都會舉辦全球唯一峽谷馬拉松國際大賽 吸引許多外國觀光客前來欣賞


冬季時因受東北季風影響,陽明山區經常寒風細雨,低溫高濕,雲霧瀰漫,別具一番景緻;若遇強烈寒流來襲 偶可見白雪滿地喔!

陽明山上 因為多樣的地形及繁茂的植被,提供了各種動物絕佳的生活環境 而台灣獼猴更是台灣特有種。

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  • Shuang
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    8 years ago
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    1 Yushan 3952 meters above sea level is located in central Taiwan is Taiwan's highest peak is Asia's first feature Yushan National Park in the winter when the snow is also very beautiful scenery

    2 This is the Taroko Gorge in Hualien County in eastern Taiwan Taroko Gorge, with magnificent, almost perpendicular to the world-famous marble canyon landscape. And every November Canyon Marathon will host the world's only international competition to attract many foreign tourists come to admire

    3 February and March in the spring Yangmingshan is the traditional season of Yangming Park

    Winter due to the northeast monsoon, Yangmingshan often cold rain, low humidity, clouds filled the air, some unique scenery; case of intense cold weather even seen snow everywhere Oh!

    Because on Yangmingshan diverse topography and lush vegetation, providing a great variety of animals living environment Formosan macaque is endemic to Taiwan.

    Source(s): me + google + revised
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