Is my Hunger Games OC a Mary-Sue?


Name: Ada Sulik

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: December 2nd

District: 12



Hair Colour/Style: Black, breast length, curly.

Eye Colour: Gray

Skin Tone: Fair

Built: Scrawny

Height: 5”4

Weight: 100 pounds

Fears: Water, the Games changing who she is

Weapons: throwing knives, normal knife


Ada dreamed of living a life outside of District 12 and wanted to move to District 1, the wealthiest District. Since her grandmother told her stories as a kid, Ada grew up with a very low opinion on the Capital, even sometimes calling it ‘the Devil District.’ Growing up in poverty caused Ada to take pleasure in the simple things in life, such as fresh flowers or clean water. She was also shy and reserved, not really known for making conversation. When she was reaped for the Games, she felt terrified, but felt like it was her duty to bring honor to her district.

Since she lived in poverty all of her life, food was hard to come by, so when and her fellow tribute were introduced to the Capital life, they acted like what Effie Trinket called “savages.” Due to her living in District 12, she had no real training to strengthen her skills for the Games, like the other districts, so she was one of the least competent of the 24 tributes. During the Games, she only killed if it was necessary, determined to keep at least some of her humanity.

Ada was the kind of person who saw the glass half empty rather than half full, but during the Games tried to keep her hopes up and did everything she could to stay alive. Ada, since living in District 12, tends to get jealous and envious really easily if someone has something that she doesn’t, such as food or clothes, which is why she hates both the Capitol and all the Careers. She is also very judgmental, which clouds her judgment and because of that she doesn’t trust a lot of people.


Parents: Ada has a stable relationship with both of her parents and they are both devastated when Ada is picked for the Games, but they have strong faith that she could win.

Siblings: Ada has two little brothers, Coal and Magnus, who are twins. While her parents were at work, Ada and her grandmother were the ones to care for the twins. Ada is very protective of them and would gladly take their place in the Games if either of them were chosen.

Other relatives: Out of everyone in her family, Ada is closest to her grandmother Anastasia. Before Ada leaves for the Capitol, her grandmother gives her a tulip shaped hair clip.


She will be a tribute in the 73rd Hunger Games which, like it says in the book, is a frozen tundra.

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  • Caeles
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    7 years ago
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    In my opinion she doesn't sound like a Mary Sue, but you should take the Mary Sue litmus test anyway:

    One of the defining characteristics of a Mary Sue is that they're pretty much good at everything and have no weaknesses. You've clearly specified that she has weaknesses. Also, Mary Sues are usually meant to be very attractive. You've described your character as 'scrawny', suggesting she is not particularly attractive.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    She looks like an particularly cliched, Mary Sue-ish kind character, yet do no longer take that to propose that's the tip for her. She's surely no longer a flat character yet she desires some flaws to make her seem greater actual. for occasion, what makes her susceptible? What are her weaknesses? Are there any issues she'd choose for to try this purely are not attainable? Are there any people who hate her for no reason? What upsets her? The solutions to those questions, as long as there are some, will help make her much less cliched and much less of a Mary Sue. good success! E.S

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