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REPORT: Malkin signs $76 Million 8-Year contract extension in Pittsburgh?

Q: Are you shocked that he decided to stay?

BQ: Is there enough money left for Letang to be happy?

Here's the report:

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    Q: Not shocked, a little surprised at how large the contract is.

    BQ: There is, but the pens have other needs. I think Letang will be looking for 6-7 million per year, but the pens are looking to offer 4.5-5.5 million per year. I wouldn't be surprised if Shero trades him in the offseason.

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    No, I'm not surprised. He wanted to stay in Pittsburgh, and Pittsburgh wanted to keep him. The issue was just going to be finding a value that Malkin would accept and that wouldn't break the bank for the team, and I think they did that.

    As for Letang, there simply isn't enough money for him. He'll get 7-8 million on the open market, and especially with the cap drop before next season, it just wouldn't be possible. Some people suggested that the team could move players and free up enough cap space, but they'd have to wreck half the roster to make that work. And besides, they've got a ton of young defensemen in the system that they hope to fill the spot with.

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    Q: No who else really wanted him for that money.

    BQ: Forget Letang what about have their forwards.

    That's stupid, How they suppose to sign Iginla and bring in a good goalie for them win Stanley Cup, Ego maniacs run the Penguin Organization. Players the need to resign that actually matter to their roster and do they the CAP?

    Brendan Morrow UFA

    Jarome Iginla UFA

    Douglas Murray UFA

    Tyler Kennedy RFA

    Matt Cooke UFA

    Craig Adams UFA

    Pascal Dupuis UFA

    Mark Eaton UFA

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    Q: I'm really not surprised. I knew he would stay in Pittsburgh, and I knew they would do anything to keep him.

    BQ: they will probably find enough money somehow.

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  • TBK
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    not really.


    more importantly, How are the pens STILL under the salary cap?

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