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What books/websites/anything else should I start with to learn about Lenin/Russian history?

Wasn't exactly sure how to title this, but I tried. I am very interested in Russian/Eastern European history, pretty much anything that is Marx, Tsarist regime, Russian revolution, Lenin, Stalin, russia's part in ww1 and 2, fall of the ussr, all of that. I must, however, admit that I am incredibly ignorant on the subject(s). My question is to anyone who knows anything about this, where do I start in learning about this? Marx? Is he kind of step one here? I am particularly interested in Lenin and his politics, but i have a feeling it at least couldn't hurt to have some knowledge of Marx before I try to understand Lenin. I am sure there is tons of information online about this, links would be very much appreciated. I am, though, a big reader, so actual books I could get would be even better. Suggestion, anyone? Guidance to how I should go about this? Thanks much in advance.

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