Good names for these four characters?

Character 1 (father - 55): A man who brutally murdered two hitchhiking girls back in the 1980s. Ever since that night that he "snapped," he hasn't been the same and claims to hear "voices" that tell him to do things. While his two sons were growing up, he abused them daily, more specifically his eldest son, who was more defiant than the youngest. He is a mean, cruel, demented man who was neglected and abandoned by his father (who nearly killed him one night when he was seven) and believes that his sons deserve the treatment just as much as he did when he was little.

Character 2 (mother - 53): She has always been quiet and timid since day one. She doesn't play a large physical role in the story, but her never stopping the abuse had a *huge* impact on the way the boys see their mother. The eldest views her as a conformed monster, and the youngest thinks she is warped to their father's sense of self. She is too scared to stand up for herself or her sons, but she wants to get out of the house so desperately that she ends up being shot and killed by Character 1 in the story after trying to escape from her "prison" that she has been rotting in.

Character 3 (eldest son - 31): A defiant, stubborn young man who wants the ultimate success for himself. He is insanely smart, but doesn't particularly like to show off his 142 IQ. He was married at the age of twenty-seven, and his wife (high school sweetheart) is eight months pregnant in the story. He is the protector of the family and grew up watching over his younger brother, who he is extremely close to. He tends to take things too seriously and has major problems being vulnerable. Out of the two boys, he is the one who has the most trouble dealing with the past.

Character 4 (youngest son - 26): He is a lot more carefree and forgiving of his past than his brother. He was relieved to leave the house at the age of twelve (his brother left at age seventeen and took him to live with him). He is a charming, happy, lovable guy who is trying his best just to forget about everything he went through. He loves to go outside, enjoy his life, is very adventurous and outgoing, and is great with kids.

I need some first name suggestions for each character and a last name you feel works for ALL of them (they are obviously a family). Please suggest as few or as little as you would like; anything is appreciated. Thanks! =)

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  • 7 years ago
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    Such an interesting plot! And very interesting for the names, I tried to find some that would fit not only their character but also their age.

    Character 1: Guy*, Warren*, Earl, Ernest, Dean, Bruce*

    Character 2: Connie*, Mary, Kimberly*, Donna*, Carol, Lynn, Dana, Bonnie

    Character 3: Nicholas*, Michael, Jack*, Jonathan, Christopher*, Anthony

    Character 4: Benjamin*, Lee, John, Shawn (or Sean), Matthew*, Todd*, Ezra

    These are just some of what I feel might fit the characters. I tried to go by the date that they were born in (i.e. the 60's and 80's) and also what might seem to fit their personalities. I don't know the meaning of these names...sorry...if that was what you were looking for, but I hope these helped!

    Good luck with your story!

    May your little fairy bless you with inspiration! :)

    PS: * = my personal favorite

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  • 7 years ago

    1. Larry

    2. Miranda

    3. Steve

    4. Rick

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  • 7 years ago

    1. Gerard( i think it's kind of harsh sounding, but maybe that's just me)

    2. Iris(couldn't come up with a better one)

    3. Christian? Colton?

    4. Jackson? Dylan?

    last names: Pearson, Miller or White

    Hope i helped in some minute way!!

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  • 7 years ago

    1. Steven, 2. Crystal, 3. Victor and 4. Robert and there last name can be Smith or Rivers

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  • 7 years ago

    There are some great name generators on the internet, for example:

    Good Luck!

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