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What does this sentence mean?

Hi, I'm originally norwegian, so when I read books in english there are always some words I don't understand. I am reading eclipse and came over this sentence: "A cliff face rose sheer beside us, bare rough gray stone". I didn't understand what a cliff face rose sheer is... Someone who knows? Thank you! :)

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    Others have given definitions of the various words, so I will give the Norwegian translation:

    "A cliff face rose sheer beside us, bare rough gray stone"

    = "Fjellsiden reiste seg bratt ved siden av oss, bar, ru og grå stein."

    Source(s): [Defintions of "sheer"]
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    A cliff face is a thing. It is the top of the cliff. "rose" is a verb in this case, as in "the sun rose over the horizon". Finally, "sheer" is an adjective. Hope that helps a little. If you need any more help with translations, feel free to email me @

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    It means you're walking along the trail, and on the side of you is a straight, vertical wall of gray stone.

    The wall of gray stone (cliff face) rises vertically (sheer) next to you.

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