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How do I prevent flies from infesting an open wound - bearded dragon?

I have a bearded dragon who developed a huge sore on his back. It started with a super worm bite (I believe) and turned into a real issue. We took him to the vet and the vet scraped it and found it was NOT fungus. He gave us a spray of tricide w/ 2 additives (idk what the additives are) and we were to use it twice a day. In doing that we have noticed whatever it is has spread to anywhere that spray touched. The sore had never gotten better and the vet told us to call around to our local pharmacies to find a compound. Unfortunately we could not find this compound ANYWHERE =( Ended up having to put the dragon down because no matter our efforts we could not keep flies off of his wound and they laid eggs ;( My question is for future reference - what can you apply to a reptile wound to keep flies off? Is the dog and cat "Flys-Off" safe for them? Is there any other way? Any advice is appreciated. I would like to be prepared in case I ever have another rep with open wounds so I don't have to put them down.

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    That's so sad but have you ever tried a ointment called bag balm its a cream thick and smelly used by farmers and ranchers to heal open wounds on horses cows pigs well this stuff is great I use on my animals like dogs cats(had a male cat that liked to rome well he fought as well came home had his ear torn plum up applied the balm the ear healed no fly mess since the cat stayed outside all the time this also draws infection away in other words out and from the area that's open.)Healed fine but part of the ear was gone from being ripped off during a fight any how go to your local drug store and ask for this product It comes in a green square can and its great I keep a can always this may have helped you pet sorry for the loss..

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    The best thing to do is get 2 bug zappers and put them around the terrarium. It worked with my bearded dragon.

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