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Teacher moving to Ohio?

My fiance will be graduating from college next spring with her B.A. in Early Childhood Education in Pennsylvania. After I finished College two years ago I found work doing research in the Oil and Gas Industry and the work has been in Eastern Ohio. After she graduates next spring the plan is to move to Ohio, to reduce the time I have to spend away from home. My question is what will she need to do to be qualified to teach in Ohio.

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    Google the Ohio Department of Education. The requirements for teacher licensure will be there. Many states have reciprocity- they accept each other's licensure. It seems likely to me that Pennsylvania and Ohio would have that agreement. If not, it's just a matter of submitting her materials to the Dept. of Ed- transcripts, test scores (probably the Praxis in Early Childhood) and whatever else they want. Teachers move all the time- it shouldn't be a problem.

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