Clap for seagulls? Black veil brides?

Whats this whole thing with black veil brides and seagulls? Ive seen videos of them in interviews and they sometimes say clap for seagulls and then start clapping?


Thank you so much! I'm also a huge fan and I was just so confused about this one thing. Time for me to go and watch all of the Bryan Stars videos :D

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    Wrong section! But luckily I love them ^.^

    The joke is a reference to a Bryan Stars interview with Andy and Matt Good. Bryan asked them which pop song should play when they walk into a room. Matt said that, for Andy, it should be "I'm Too Sexy". While discussing this, they decided that seagulls should fly out of Andy's armpits as he walked. So Andy started walking, Matt sang the song, and Bryan jumped out and pretended to be the seagulls that would fly out of Andy's armpits.

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