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0.1m hcl has ph of 1.0 it is about 100 times stronger than acetic acid.what is the ph of acetic acid?

how come acetic acid would have pH 3.1 when pH of HCl is 1.1???


sory its 1.1.

3.1 is the ans not given in question

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    pH you are given to be 1.0 in your question not 1.1

    this means the concentration of H+ is 10^-1

    100 times weaker is 10^-1/10^-2 = 10^-3

    and thus acetic acid has a pH of 3.0

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  • eaddie
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    4 years ago

    The greater the pH of a solution is, the less acidic it's. For the reason that acetic acid is a susceptible acid, it'll be much less acidic than a powerful acid corresponding to HCl. Consequently, it's going to have a better pH than HCl. The equal factor applies to your subsequent query: considering NaOH is a better base than ammonia, an ammonnia resolution can be extra acidic than NaOH. As a consequence, ammonia will have a cut down pH than NaOH. And sure, if a solution of a salt is neutral (pH = 7), that means that neither the cation or the anion underwent hydrolysis.

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  • 7 years ago

    i think it is simple just a chemical with PH less than 7 is an acid and its strength increases when the PH decreases. so acetic with PH 3.1 is less stronger than HCl with PH 1.1. i hop it'd help you.

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