I heard a rumor that 80's pop singer Suzanne Vega is/was into Scientology. Is this true?

I'd hate to think so. I lost total respect for Tom Cruise after I found he was into it.


Scientology is not a religion, but a cult.

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  • 7 years ago
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    "Suzanne was brought up an atheist, but in her late teens, her family converted to Nichiren Buddhism. Buddhism has been an important influence in her life."


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  • Fabio
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    7 years ago

    LOL who knows.. maybe she is, maybe she is not.

    Maybe you lost respect for Tom Cruise because you can't accept the fact that people have freedom of choosing their own religion, and perhaps you are reasoning with the misconception that Scientology is some sort of weird mysterious organization. This ain't true. Scientology is a worldwide religion that can be studied by anyone, included yourself, in the 18 basic books that compound the theology of the religion. While reading the theology you will learn that Scientology is here to improve individuals and society.

    You also have a good website: http://Scientology.org

    Of course, if all you read is gossip magazines, internet blogs and forums, you can't pretend to know much about it, right?...

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  • 7 years ago

    Don't know about Suzanne Vega, but it appears that America's number one celebrity criminal OJ Simpson was at one point.

    Fabio : "Of course, if all you read is gossip magazines... you can't pretend to know much about it, right?"

    "Gossip magazine" is Scientology-speak for reputable news sources that write about the grotesquely criminal activities of members of Scientology, like the rape of Jennifer Stewart by Gabriel Scott Williams, a Scientologist "Golden Age of Tech Auditor," or the murder of Thomas Cianco by Rex Fowler, a Scientologist "Operating Thetan 7."

    Source(s): Youtube : "OJ Simpson talks about Scientology and his kids with Ruby Wax "
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  • 7 years ago

    I have no idea why one's religion would determine whether an actor can act or a singer can sing. Personally, I have no respect for those who show religious intolerance for others' religious choices. By publishing this, you have opened the door to have your own choice intolerated.

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