Could this work in real life?

I'm writing a dystopic science-fiction story in which human cloning is an active practice within the field of medicine, as it is used as a form of health insurance. While the poor can't afford clones, middle class citizens often choose to raise a single child and their clone, while wealthier citizens may have several children with multiple clones. In the event that the original child needs an organ transplant, the cloned child is expected to sacrifice their lives, becoming a donor for their original. In this way, life expectancy is extended, and regular illnesses have been practically eliminated (diabetes can be cured by a new pancreas, heart disease by a new heart, leukemia by a new kidney).

Now, obvious morals aside, could this possibly work in real life? I don't see it being too impossible in the near future. If you can imagine that the science of cloning has been perfected, then it seems logical that people might have stock-organs pre-grown as backups in case their own organs stop working. It isn't too far to imagine that entire bodies might already be grown alongside them just in case.

Now, of course this probably wouldn't happen in real life, as it would be unimaginably cruel to the clone. But keep in mind that my story features a dystopia, would you? I just want to know the whether the science of it could possibly work in real. Would having cloned organs available for transplant 24/7 benefit society?

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    7 years ago
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    This would work in case of organ pathologies that are NOT congenital/ hereditary. If it is a gene defect, the clone will have the same disease.

    Also, not all diseases can be completely cured by organ transplant. For example NIDDM, which is the most common disease in the world. Transplanting a pancreas wouldn't help because the defect is in the insulin receptor and not in insulin secretion.

    But in a broad sense it is possible. Although its going to take many decades before there is even a tiny breakthrough in this field.

    Also, just imagine the resources and the money that would be needed to create and sustain the clones! In the current situation of world economy its probably not possible to generate multiple clones of so many people!

    This is just what i think from the very little that i know about the subject.

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    7 years ago


    Fiction is NOT real.

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