Moving cross country- dogs in a UHAUL?

Is there room in the cab for a large dog crate to come along? Would NEVER consider putting in truck. ONLY in cab with me and my bf. Trying to come up with a cost efficient, safe way to get us, our pup, and all our stuff from Michigan to Florida. I've considered driving, and using UPACK, but car isn't in good shape. Also, if you have any tips at all about moving that might help, i'd appreciate it.

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  • Dan
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    8 years ago
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    You will need to measure the crate and then go to U-Haul and ask to look at the truck size you would be getting. I know the U-Haul trucks have bench seats in them [3 seats across] and you might be able to seat belt the dog crate on the seat.

    Also, you should check out the prices of Budget Truck Rental and Penske Truck Rental. Some of the trucks from those two companies have 2 seats with no middle seat which would leave extra room for the crate.

  • 8 years ago

    There is no way that anyone can answer that.

    How large is "large"?

    Measure the crate, then go to a U-Haul location, explain what you need to the clerks and see if you can take some measurements of the cab space.

    If it fits on the seat, then you can pack some things into the foot well that will help support the end of the crate that might stick out over the edge.

  • guo
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    5 years ago

    Put them in separate carriers, within the entrance, with you. (which you can purchase the carriers - they are tough plastic with a steel gate within the entrance - at Petsmart or any pet deliver retailer.) Put a harness and leash on each and every cat to put on even as they may be in the carrier, in the event you ought to ever take them out for any reason. Keep at a hotel that allows pets (resort 6 makes it possible for pets - I've driven pass country with cats.) bring a litter box and cat litter - you will use this every night time at the lodge - plus food, and bowls for meals and water. Essentially kitties can and can wait all day with out using the litter field when they may be traveling, except you go method too many hours, or unless they panic and have an accident from fear. This is the reason you might have the harness and leash, as well as a massive roll of paper towels, some variety of cleaner like spray Lysol, and some rubber gloves: If kitty has an accident you'll be able to ought to stop, take kitty out of the cage, clean the cage and begin once more. You need the harness and leash so kitty will not get away whilst you're doing this.

  • Hugo90
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    8 years ago

    I've used Upack and would never drive one of those trucks. Your broken car is probably in better shape and it will use $1000 worth of gas.

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