What items sell good on ebay?

I have a lot of random things that I want to try rid of. I need to make app. $1000-$2000 on these items. So, does everything sell good o ebay or no?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Ebay isn't doing as well as it once was. Electronics sell really well. If you have vintage comics, memorabilia, or really old video games, those sell well too. Old collectables can be a hit or miss, so do a google search on the item you want to sell to see if it's worth anything. Sometimes you can have a bunch of stuff and it might not be worth anything. If that's the case, see if your neighborhood has an annual community garage sale. You'd be surprised what people pay at those things, it's complete impulse purchases most of the time and you can charge at little more.

  • Roddy
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    7 years ago

    Remember that as a new seller PayPal will put a 21 day hold on your money. You do not give a time frame that you require the money so this is just to inform you that you won't get your money the same day you sell something.

  • 7 years ago

    The #1 thing that is sold on Ebay are Electrinics and Gadgets. Good luck in reaching your goal!

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