What kind of foods should i eat for fatty liver disease?

I was found out I have fatty liver disease. I'm only 31, female. I'm not overweight. I was eating pretty healthy for years now. I ate bad as a kid and some of my 20s like in college like most people... and binge drank for many years. Fatty liver disease runs in my family. My mom found out she had it a while back....

Obviously, no more alcohol. My doctor didn't really give me any information other than low cholesterol foods, but i was already eating low cholesterol foods, low carb, low fat, organic vegetables and fruit and only lean organic meats. No junk food, no candy, very little sugar or salt. My only fattening staple would be whole milk (which is the hardest thing for me to give up). But wondering what foods I should absolutely stay away from and what is good for the liver. Also, liquids..

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  • 4 years ago

    Fatty liver disease affects a whopping 30% of the population. That's 30 out of every 100 people! And some estimates have it at 33%. And if you're overweight, it's even worse overweight people are extremely more likely than healthy weight individuals to develop this condition. In other words, you're not alone. Not by a long shot. Other fatty liver sufferers have reversed their condition, lost weight, and rediscovered their energy, using completely natural remedies. And that means you can, too! Keep reading to discover more...

  • Poppy
    Lv 7
    7 years ago

    There is no specific diet for fatty liver. You should take a supplement called Milk Thistle, at least 1000mg daily. Helps the liver to be as healthy as possible.

    Source(s): VA liver clinic Dallas TX
  • James
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    7 years ago

    Fatty liver can be caused by either too much alcohol or too much high calorie carbs - particularly sugar. I've just cut both of those out and make sure that you eat plenty of non-starchy vegetables.

    That's what I did and it worked for me. Basically I went paleo.

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