Why is it "OK" to go to a doctor to live(meds, operation) but not to die(physician-assisted suicide)?

I know a lot of people don't have a problem with it but I'm more interested in why some people will use doctors, prescription drugs, get operations, receive cancer treatment, etc.(basically modern medicine) and at the same time oppose physician-assisted suicide. They choose to seek help and fight to live. That's fine but not everyone wants to do that. Are they trying to force you to live? It's just weird. Are our bodies not our own?

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    7 years ago
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    This is my own personal opinion but hear me out:

    Doctor's have gone through years and money to become where they are now. They are there to save lives and/or help the sick which will at least increase your years to live.

    No doctor would just go against all of their own principles and help someone die. They are spending long days and nights trying to save the lives! Everyone deserves a life, and the burden of knowing that you were a cause or a part of a death can make a person go crazy.

    So if a doctor says no to helping someone commit suicide it is because

    1. They do not believe in it

    2. They are not going to put themselves through the guilt, knowing they helped take a life

    3. It is not even their job to do that, let alone just against their principles

    Maybe there are sick, twisted people out there that you can pay to help you commit suicide, but they along with the person need to get help! Taking your life is not the way to go.

    Yes, in a way our body is our own, but once you die it's over. You don't have to worry about anything. Once you die, it's your family and friends that get affected. They have to grieve, and they have to realize that someone was unhappy and needed help, but they were not there to help. No one wants to know their friend was ill, and could have been helped.

    Suicide is such a deep personal matter, that no way would someone want to get involved. Otherwise its murder anyways, because you didn't kill yourself anymore. Someone else helped, so they could get arrested if caught and charged.

    Source(s): These are all scenarios i have ran through my head and rambled on about. I know nothing about this in a legal sense.
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