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Marine MOS Intel information?

I would like to have a better idea on what Intel entitles. Any information would be appreciated please. I am going to school in a month for it. How does school work, where will I be stationed likely..etc is it highly deployable?? I was in infantry for four years and reenlisted. What experiences will I have in the new mos

-(this is my husbands question)

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    0200 Basic Intelligence Marine

    0211 Counterintelligence/HUMINT Specialist

    0212 Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Specialist

    0231 Intelligence Specialist

    0241 Imagery Analysis Specialist

    0251 Interrogator/Debriefer -

    0261 Geographic Intelligence Specialist

    0282 Tactical Debriefer (TD) (FMOS)

    0283 Advanced Foreign Counterintelligence Specialist (AFCS)

    0287 Military Source Operations Specialist (MSOS) (FMOS)

    0289 Strategic Debriefing Specialist (SDS) (FMOS)

    0291 Intelligence Chief (PMOS)

    0293 Advanced Military Source Operations Specialist (AMSOS)

    All of those MOS fall under Intelligence in the Marine Corps.

    Kind of hard to provide an answer without a specific MOS

    And if he was Infantry for 4 years..and paid attention in the slightest...he should know the answer to the rest of the questions.

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    starting to be a linguist isn't the point of the DLAB. that's to degree your flair to study/note of sides of language jointly with grammar, syntax, accentuation, rigidity, meanings and interpretation. All necessary contained in the intelligence field. because you're enlisting "off the line", that's a call for for buying into any intelligence specialty (USMC 02xx, military 35x, AFSC 'N'). even as there are techniques to be 'promoted' into the classification, all new recruits ought to score properly on the DLAB (130+) to enter instantly into the field. So the easy answer on your case is convinced, that's real. yet do not enable that provide up you. if you're set on the intelligence field, i'd advise taking some college aspect classes in english, linguistics, and speech. Any of those can help you you score larger on the DLAB. solid luck!

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