Is it better to allocate more or less memory/processing power to a program, or is it bad for the laptop?

I'm no computer person, so sorry if any terms are incorrect.

-- background --

The game Pet Society is shutting down so I downloaded VirtualBox and the Ubuntu OS to save an offline version.

-- explanation --

I can use my own settings and adjust how much memory, video memory, and processing power is allowed. It lets me adjust 1-8 CPUs (whatever that means), up to 128 megabytes of video memory, and up to 8192 mb of base memory.

My laptop is not high end (it gets a solid 60fps on medium-high League of Legends settings, usually loads in the middle 50% of other users, if this gives you any idea), but it was bought for mild gaming in mind. It has 8 gigs of RAM and an i5 processor.

Simply running this flash Facebook game on this alternate operating system requires a lot of power.


If a program seems to be a resource hog, is it better for the laptop to allow more processing power/cores to be used? As in, would allowing more resources make it run easier on the laptop, or would that just make the laptop itself be running too hard and thus damage it? I don't really understand how this stuff works, in my mind allow more resources would make it easier but worse on the computer, but maybe if I allow less power/resources, the computer strains too hard from limited resources?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Also please ignore the grammatically incorrect question (since I used "more or less" it makes the "or is it bad" part not make sense).

Update 2:

@CompTech: Thanks for your answers. Hopefully you check back on this question so you see these new questions, haha. >__<

I started 1 core, like 70 mb of video memory, and 2k mb for base memory. The game DID run, just verrrrry slowly, so I bumped up to 3 cores, 80 mb of video memory, and 2.5k base memory. Seemed a bit better.

So I guess I may as well throw everything up a notch anyway?

What concerns me is when I'm doing this, the fan (I'm guessing) kicks it up about 5 notches and it gets very loud. Even when I play League this doesn't happen, and that's an installed game versus this darn facebook app!

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    Well a virtual box is basically just a "Computer within a computer." The virtual box will ONLY use what you allow it to use. Keep in mind that whatever resources are going into your virtual PC, that takes away from your laptop. This is not anything to be worried about however.

    Basically, if you want your virtual PC to take up more resources,that should help your game run smoother, but only to a certain point. Once you have more resources allocated to your virtual PC than is actually needed to run the game, it just wont be used.

    I would check to see what the system requirements for the game is and adjust your settings from there.

    Keep in mind that this will NOT damage your hardware in any way.

    Also the 1-8 CPU is probably asking how many CORES you want your virtual PC to have, I would suggest 2 or 4 cores for your virtual PC.

    Obviously if a program is a resource hog, it is going to NEED to have those resources, you really have no choice but to give the program the resources it requires or it is not going to work.

    Regarding your fear of Hardware overload, your hardware will only run to its set max. If anything is exceeding the max resources offerings your computer has, the program will just shut down or stop working. If a program needs more RAM than your computer has, it will just not work. The hardware will never go above its set limits (well it will if you overclock but that is a completely different topic!)

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