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Whats the difference between start and "Force Start"?

In Torrent there is a force start option. What is it and will it increase my torrents download speed.

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    Force Start means the torrent will stay active in your uTorrent no matter how many other torrents are active and what your settings at Options>Preferences>Queueing are about number of active torrents. Also, if you have the scheduler set to stop activity, it will not stop an active torrent that has been force started.

    Start means the torrent will obey the settings at Queueing and may be queued if there are more active torrents than allowed under the Queueing rules you have set.

    Force Start will not make your download faster. All it does is have the torrent ignore some rules within your uTorrent.

    You can check this guide for faster speeds

    Optimizing µTorrent (or BitTorrent) For Speed

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    if you have limited the number of active torrents possible from the settings... say 3.. then only 3 torrents will download (or seed) simultaneously ..

    now suppose you dont want to change your settings but want to get a 4th torrent downloading along with the rest... then you can force start this torrent, and even if seeding says only 3 torrents can be active at 1ns, using force start you can increase this number without having to change settings each time...

    and to increase torrent speed>>>

    Youtube thumbnail


    hope this helps :)

    take care :)

    Source(s): experience :D
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  • 7 years ago

    start means normal download and force start means download comparatively faster even there will be a traffic jam in network.

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