What is a "Watershed Affect"?

I am currently reading 11/22/63, and a character mentions the watershed affect. If you don't know what the book is about, this guy travels back in time to stop JFK's assassination, because he thinks that it will stop a chainreaction of events.

So what is a Watershed affect

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  • 8 years ago
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    Watershed affect: it can literally mean it is associated with runoff from a watershed, like the chemicals introduced into the surrounding area. As you look downhill, you are standing in a watershed and everything down hill is affected by where you are. It also has a medical meaning. I haven't read the book but I am guessing that everything that follows the JFK assassination is effected by it.

    11/22/63: Since you are interested in STOPPING the JFK assassination, it might help you to know WHO was behind the murder. To know WHO did it, you have to know what happened during the shooting. Steven King doesn't have a clue and neither do millions of others. So how do you prove the unprovable?

    It turns out there is a way to PROVE what happened and it is NOT very complicated. Here is HOW YOU can know what happened:

    There are TWO INDEPENDENT ways to determine the timing of the shots that killed JFK. One way is almost universally accepted as valid, the other way is viciously attacked as invalid. To finally settle the controversy once and for all, it is only necessary to show the timing of the shots is the same in both.

    A YOUTUBE Video shows what that means. It shows that the last three shots match almost exactly in both a film and an audio recording which proves (no guessing, it PROVES) that there was a powerful conspiracy that killed JFK. You should sense that is true very early in your investigation because the US Government insisted there was no conspiracy when there is overwhelming evidence there was.

    To pull off this lie, there had to be very important, powerful people who had the ability to influence the investigations and change evidence to show only one gunman when the facts show more than one. How do I know that is true? Because the last two shots were fired bang-bang, two shots a split second apart. I have personally spoken to two witnesses who said that is what they heard but they had no idea why it was important. The US government concluded they heard echoes but the evidence proves that is NOT true.

    Who was behind the murder? You can guess that by the 6th chapter of my book. If you still don't know, I tell you who the most significant people were that killed JFK in the last chapter.

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