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How scary is the movie The Exorcist?

I've heard its the scariest movie ever. I haven't seen it lol. I'm thinking about it.

Anyone who's seen it, how scary is it?

I'm not really a fan of horror movies, so I thought I should check :s

BQ: What's the scariest movie ever, in your opinion?

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    Not "scary" in the blood-and-gore sense. More creepy and disturbing.

    (Which I actually prefer over "slasher" flicks.)

    BQ: Any movie with Will Ferrell in it. The idea that he is the modern-day standard of comedic "genius" scares the hell out of me.

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    If Demons scare you and you are easily scared, it would probably rank about a 10 on the scary factor. If you are not easily scared, then honestly, it's about a 4.

    I don't think it's scary and there are way better movies IMHO. Honestly, The Ring and Stir Of Echoes both scared me more than The Exorcist.

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    The exorcist scared me in my child hood

    To me the scariest movie is Grave Encounters

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    Haunting in Connecticut(the first one) is the scariest movie I've ever seen followed by the exorcist(1973).

    The Exorcist is pretty scary.

    Edit I'm easily scared, I don't know if that counts lmao

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    IT IS ABOUT DEMONS AND DEMON POSSESSION!! So how scary that is would depend on your views of those two occurrences.

    IT IS VERY SCARY . I do not scare easily. One reason it is so scary, is that it could have actually happened and it so, SO close to reality. Another reason is that there are at least TWO documented possessions that psychiatrists have investigated as well as the Catholic Church.It is NOT bloody and GORY as such.

    I still am reluctant to watch it and of course there are sequels!

    I hope his helps!

    Source(s): A researcher with 27 years experience in psychiatry
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    Its a movie with a nice story but damn scary.

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    Let's put it this way....I am 57 years old. "The Exorcist" is the only movie that ever actually scared me.

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    You've heard wrong, its a little spooky but I couldnt say its the scariest.

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    I thought it was quite funny...almost peed my pants laughing so hard.

    BQ: Blackhawk Down....I'll never watch that ever again.

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    Not Really :)

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