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Alaskan malamute X collie puppy problems!?

my family just adopted a puppy from a family who weren't actual breeders, anyways he is 2 months old and he is always whining when he is left alone, he wont walk on a leash and he bites and chews almost everything, we try to say NO and tap him on the head lightly when he chews stuff but he just starts barking and whining and sometimes growling, should we think of giving him away to a family with other dogs so he isn't so lonely?

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    Puppies don't come pre-trained(how easy life would be if they were).

    He's part malamute, and they're hard to train, and mixing in the intelligence of a collie is only going to make it harder.

    If you believe that you will be unable to care for him and/or train him sufficiently, try finding a malamute rescue, not just another family. A rescue will get him into a foster home with someone who knows what they're doing, and eventually find a forever home for him.

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