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do you think justin roberts is wasting his youth in the wwe by being a ring announcer,...?

rather than being a wwe wrestler?

it seems that justin roberts was getting picked on and messed with a bit last night by triple h and vince mcmahon. maybe that's because they don't admire him because they see more potential in him than to just stand in the ring or sit at ringside and talk through a microphone.

howard finkel was clearly known to just be there to be a ring announcer, and the same with lillian garcia, and the same with former backstage interviewer mean gene oaklund with his job at interviewing wrestlers backstage, and the same with former wwf persona brother love with his brother love show he used to have, but they have probably looked at this young guy and would rather see what he can do in the ring rather than him just sit there.

in that same situation last night, if the ring anncouncer for the night were howard finkel or lillian garcia, i have a feeling they'd treat them differently than justin roberts there. instead of them getting in their face and telling them to say this or that on the microphone, i think they'd instead walk over, reach out their hand to signal that they want to speak on the microphone instead.

also, i think josh matthews is wasting his youth just being a wwe commentator rather than an actual wrestler. why else would bradshaw constantly say unpleasant things to him all the time? and why else would face sheamus and heel antonio cesaro speak unpleasantly towards him at ringside at the commentating table a few months ago when they were watching their opponents have a match, especially when you consider that the whole point josh matthews was in tough enough all that time ago was to try to be a wwe wrestler?

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    No that makes no sense, how is a young man who has to do a bit of work 20 minutes a week and gets to travel the world on someone elses dime "wasting his life"? I should be so lucky, I'd take his job in a second, as would 5 million people.

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    maybe he should join Aces and 8's huh they seem to accept anybody.....but Justin has to pretend to be a ref for 5 months first.

  • Maybe he should follo Jonathan Coachmen to ESPN?

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