Grade 10 RCM piano exam help?

hi, so im a 13 year old girl and im freaking out. I have my piano exam in 2 weeks, and i am so nervous about it. I memorized all my songs, but for one song, im kinda waning on it, like im kinda skeptical about it. I really really really want to do well on it, like above 80 marks. My scales are ok, like they are all above the speed, but i really hate b minor arpeggios. also diminished and dominant arpeggios. how do i practice them better? (They are memorized) oh and i absolutely suck at ear tests. does anyone know any websites or something that can help me practice? I'm really scared of failing, and can anyone recommend any techniques to help me get less nervous?

also for my pieces, im playing them before scales because i want them to be musical first, then relax and play scales smoothly. PLEASE HELP!!!

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  • 7 years ago
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    Ask your mom or whoever takes you to piano lessons to schedule extra private piano lessons to observe more about scales, arpeggios, and all that. Make sure you practice a lot in by-ear tests, chord improvisation and cadences, and sight reading. Stay cool, literally. It's the hot season right now, and tensing up can include nervousness and heat. I just go with the flow in piano learning, and I've passed 3 piano exams! I skipped Grade 10 to Grade 9, because I was an advanced musical learner in EVYMS, a professional school to prepare to be a concert pianist, and I am! Right now, I am on Mock 6 Grade Exam in East Valley Yamaha Music School.

    Practice by ear playing by sitting backwards on the piano seat, playing a random note, and trying to figure out which it is. Experiment with white AND black notes. Then, turn forwards to see if you're correct. Put circle stickers on the keys with the key note on them to learn from. Then, look up and play a chord. Try guessing what key the chord is in, and do this with as many keys as you can, major or minor, high or low. Experience with all 24 keys, if you can, as a challenge!

    Do you ever have to do improvisation with chords? I have to do it in OPEN POSITION. Which is really hard. But I manage to get an OK grade every time. :)

    Good luck on your Grade Exam!

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