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Question regarding Agnetha Faltskog.?

I am from the UK, and recently watched a documentary regarding the life and career of Agnetha Faltskog, (of ABBA fame). Agnetha has recorded her first album since 2003. As a huge fan of ABBA, I would like to ask, what you would consider the greatest, (or your favourite) ABBA single. My favourite is Fernando. I love that song!

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    My favourite Abba single is S.O.S., which Pete Townshend once called the best pop song ever written. I happen to agree. Agnetha's soprano is heartbreaking. But of all the songs where she peformed mostly solo, I give the nod to the last song she recorded for Abba, in August 1982: The Day Before You Came. The Guardian called it an underrated masterpiece, which I also agree with.

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  • Anonymous
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    As a kid I loved that song and remember when it was popular. Now I like Winner Takes It All, probably because there was a time in my life I could relate to it, and Agnetha does such a great job singing on it. She could've beat any pop diva today hands down in terms of looks and singing talent which most of them now don't have.

    We don't see much of her now because in the late 1970s she started wanting to spend more time with her kids and also because she developed a fear of flying by airplane after some bad experiences touring with ABBA.

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  • 7 years ago

    Hard one, they have so many fantastic, timeless songs. Some I love:

    One Of Us

    Super Trouper (we sang that with the choir, and it's such a complex composition. Wow!)



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