How come Kathryn Morris doesn't have a Fan Club & isn't she popular Here?

Previously I had posted a question asking for help in finding a Kathryn Morris' Fan Club website. Someone responded & told me that She DOESN'T Have one. So, being that she's big in "COLD CASE" aside from her Other kinda well known "SWEETER SIDE OF LIFE" & some small ones like "Resurrecting the Champ" you would think just like any other "celeb" that they would have @ least a Fan Website. So,

If someone does know where she would have a Fan Club where I can join, share w/ her other fans, & maybe write to her??!! Please let me know.

& my other question is. I have seen quite a few interviews w/ her given in Japan, UK, & Australia, but not that many here in the U.S. Tho' I could be wrong. So,

Has anyone seen any interviews that she has done HERE in the U.S.?

Is she NOT Popular HERE in the U.S.?

I mean, I've seen comments on "Cold Case" "YouTube" vids where a lot of people comment how much they loved the show & her. Anyway, please let me know. She's a great actress (funny, sincere/candid, etc.)


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  • 7 years ago
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