what kind of paint should i use for my boat?

I just bought my pop's aluminum boat. It's a little beat up but it'll be perfect for fishing with my buddies. I want to repaint it and do some work on it, but I'm not sure the best paint to use for it. I know a primer needs to be applied, but I'm not sure of the paint. There is top side paint, and bottom paint. It made sense to me to choose bottom side, yet it only comes in black... Is there a specific paint I should be looking into? Thanks in advance!

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  • 7 years ago
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    If is a trailer boat, a boat that is launched from a trailer, in fresh water, it matters.

    Most areas allow most paints, I paint my decks and free board with , I am a sailor, I tend to my brothers john boat, we use Enamel, pretty good stuff for Aluminum and Outside. (boats)

    The paint on anything is all dependent on the preparation.

    Always wear a PFD.

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  • 7 years ago

    Trem-clad or rust paint should work if it is primed, I know we have a boat that is painted REZ and it doesn't peal off, so go oil based.

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