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Who was faster to first base on a bunt or beating out an infield hit, Mickey Mantle or Richie Ashburn?

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    Rumor has it that both Mantle and Ashburn were clocked at 3.1 seconds from home to first base batting from the left side. Of course, Mantle was a switch hitter and was clocked at 3.3 batting from the right side. Players today such as Bonifacio, Bourn, and others are down in that range as well, and Carlos Gomez could be the fastest of all but is a bit slower since he hits from the right side.

  • Last I heard was that it would be a tie.

    However, the absolute fastest ever in MLB play would have to be Sam Jethro. That man could fly.

    Timed at 3 seconds flat a couple of times.

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