$22760 for Nissan Altima S?

I just bought a Nissan Altima S for $22760, which goes to $22260 after a $500 rebate. I'm having buyer's remorse and want to know how bad I got screwed. I got a 2.9% interest rate on the car, and keyless access fob (smart key). I was paying $336 for 72 months, but for some reason I got the extended warranty for $15 extra a month, which now I'm kicking myself for.

So basically, how bad did I get screwed over?


GREAT NEWS GUYS! So after going over the paperwork, I noticed the "thrown in" warranties were for a total of.......4.1k! So I quickly drove over there and questioned them about it, and of course they denied it. But luckily for me, by law if I don't want it they HAVE to refund me. So I just got the car for a total of

$18976 :D

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    First off, nobody pays sticker price. There's close to $2,000 of wiggle room in an Altima. Then there are the incentives. There are 2 factory to dealer incentives of $500 each and another $500 if you finance through Nissan Motors Acceptance Corp, for a total of $1,500 there. So, figure $20,900 (for a good negotiator) less $1,500 in FTD incentives for an out the door price of $19,400.

    On balance, they did give you a reasonable deal on the extended warranty, not that it's worth all of the hype. The factory sticker price on the warranty is about $1,800 and you got it for about half of that.

    You're stuck with the deal that you made, but you can cancel the extended warranty for a cash refund of the purchase price for it shown on the invoice. The procedure for that is explained in the extended warranty book that came with the car. You get a full refund in the first few months and it's pro-rated after that.

    So, yeah, they basically saw you coming.

    BTW, the smart key is standard on all Altima models.

  • 7 years ago

    If it was the 2.5S, you got screwed. If it's a 3.5S, you did fine.

  • 7 years ago

    good deal

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