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? asked in Arts & HumanitiesDancing · 8 years ago

What clothing do you need for tap?

A list of items will help out a lot. Links will help out also. It's for a college class i'm going to try to get into this fall. Thank you to everyone who helps out with this one.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Tap shoes are a must. Wear socks or tights with shoes because they're not exactly comfortable and you have to break the shoes in (this will happen as you dance don't worry). I personally preferred wearing long pants when tapping because when tapping your legs tend to rub together so chafing is possible and very uncomfortable, but some people don't chafe so you could wear shorts or capris if you would like to. If you do decide on long pants make sure they are at a length where you will not trip or step on the pants leg that could cause you injury. My studio would often have us wear tights and spandex shorts for all dance practices but they were more lenient for tap. As far as tops are concerned you could wear a t shirt, tank top, or leotard, whatever you feel comfortable in, just make sure your chest is supported, wear a bra that you feel comfortable in because I found from personal experience (I'm more well endowed) that while tapping my chest and back would hurt if my chest was not supported properly. Finally, if you have long hair put it up because it is near impossible to dance with hair in your face! Hope this helps! Tap is amazing, you'll love it!

    Source(s): Dancer for 16 years. 14 years of tap.
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