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Is it possible to know if she truly was a virgin?

For years I've been hearing about a girl is only a virgin if she has a hymen. Now they say, "well sports or exercise, etc..." can cause this to break long before she's even had sex. So i guess my question is, if I didn't feel any hymen, how would I know she's a virgin? I mean it was a little tight the first time and I wouldn't attribute it to her being small or me being big. So is it something you'll just have to trust her? Or is there some way to know. I do remember though that i could stick 3 fingers in. This was long before the inter*cour*se. I asked her about it but she said she doesn't remember. She used to be in a dance group. But they say tearing it would either hurt or bleed, or both. I think to myself, how could she not remember when that happened? Either cuz of the pain or blood stains? What do you say?

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  • 7 years ago

    The hymen can be stretched from exercise - especially horseback riding or bike riding - and it stretches so much that when it does break, it doesn't hurt and there may not be any signs to know if it broke. I used to be really paranoid about this and I did a lot of research and asked some older family friends. I'd be worried about when I have sex that the guy won't believe me when I say I'm a virgin because I've been riding horses since I was little. No, the only way to know is to believe her.

  • 7 years ago

    There is no true way to know whether or not a girl is a virgin. And three fingers doesn't indicate a perforated hymen. That's something that only she knows.

  • 7 years ago

    if its so important for you to know if a girls was a virgin...well hymen is easy to break no just because of sex.

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